How to Use Symbolism of Buddhas in Gardens

Buddhas has many symbols that we often encounter. Each symbol even has its own value and meaning. The symbol in Buddha is a symbol taught by the Buddha to his people.

These symbols represent the nature of the Buddha himself. not infrequently we even find Buddhas symbols in the garden. why is this symbol in the garden?

Buddha taught many things about the earth, including the contents in it, namely animals and plants. For more details, see the following review

Using Buddhas Symbols In The Garden

There are several Buddhas symbols that we can learn. The following are Buddhas symbols that we often encounter in gardens, because of the Buddha’s teaching that we must love everything that is created on this earth.

  1. Bodhi tree

The Bodhi tree is a symbol of Buddha that we often encounter in gardens. Trees are defined as a depiction of nature. For hundreds of years now, trees are a refuge for humans and animals.

The Bodhi Tree is the shelter of the Buddha, so this Bodhi Tree is considered the tree of Life.

We are taught to continue to preserve nature, namely to keep the world’s trees functioning. Because if there were no trees, humans and animals would not be able to live. Buddha teaches humans to appreciate life forms through a tree.

This is why many people put up Buddhas symbols in gardens because of their deep meaning and value. The Buddha loved nature very much. Therefore, as humans, we should preserve.

The symbol of the Bodhi tree in the garden will make your home garden cooler and more beautiful. The atmosphere of the house will also become a comfortable home to live in.

  1. Swastika

The swastika is one of the Buddhas symbols that we often encounter in gardens. This ancient symbol has meanings that symbolize life, sun, luck, power and strength.

This Buddhas symbol symbolizes how human life on this earth goes. Humans need the sun for life. And how humans face their power and strength on earth.

  1. The lotus flower

If you want to add a Buddhas symbol to your garden, plant a lotus tree. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and noble birth. They represent the Buddha.

There are several types of lotus flowers that you can choose to plant in your yard. White lotus or known as Pundarika which has a beautiful meaning. The White Lotus symbolizes the Bodhi nature. This lotus has 8 petals which symbolize the path to glory.

The red lotus or Kamala is also a Buddha symbol. This lotus symbolizes the natural nature of human feelings. these qualities include love, passion and heart. Put the red lotus in your garden, its meaning is very valuable for human life.

Blue lotus or Utpala. This lotus symbolizes human wisdom and knowledge. That’s a type of lotus flower which is a Buddhas symbol that you can plant in your yard. The lotus flower symbol are symbolizes Buddhism in interpreting human life while living on earth.

Inspiration to Make a Japanese-Style Garden

One of the inspirations in making a beautiful garden comes from Japan. Japan is a country that has a high culture. Likewise with the construction of parks that represent their very good culture.

In Japan, making a garden makes a panoramic view of the outdoors into the house area. this is what inspires many people out there to create a Japanese-style garden.

The basic principle of Japanese society to build a garden is a garden is a miniature of nature. So it is closely related to meditation and reflection. No wonder if you are in a Japanese-style garden, you will feel at home and comfortable.

The Main Elements Of A Garden In Japan

There are several important things that must be considered before you build a Japanese-style garden. For Japanese people, a very important meaning. Because the park is a representation of the natural surroundings.

  1. Plant Element

Plants are the most important element in making a Japanese-style garden. Although in Japan there are several types of gardens that we can inspire.

Plants are an important element and not just trees. However, plants in this Japanese garden can be seen from moss, ground cover, bushes to trees. Japanese gardens are also identical with bonsai trees and twig trees.

  1. Water Element

Water is an important symbol of life for Japanese culture. Water in a Japanese garden can be used as a fish pond. This pool symbolizes the lake in its true nature.

  1. Stone elements

In the world of stone is an important element, including in making a Japanese-style garden. Stone is symbolized as a framework or structure on the face of the earth.

The stones used to make this Japanese-style garden vary in size. There are large and small, there are different shapes and textures.

After knowing what are the important elements in making a Japanese-style garden. You can start looking for inspiration from Japanese garden styles that we can make inspiration for. One Japanese garden style that has become a lot of inspiration is the Zen Garden or dry garden.

Make A Japanese Zen Garden

To make a dry garden, you don’t have to have a large area. Even a narrow house can still have this Zen garden. then what are the tips for making a Zen garden at your home? consider the following:

  1. Lighting

To create a Zen garden, you really need to adjust the lighting. Zen gardens use a lot of oil lamps to save electricity. You can hang a lantern on the wall to build a warm atmosphere in the garden.

  1. Take advantage of the remaining space

In Japan not everyone has a house with a large area. Likewise, if we want to make a Zen garden, we don’t need a large area. Take advantage of the remaining space either outside or inside the house.

If you have an empty space outside the house, use it to make a zen garden with various types of suitable plants. But if you have empty space in the house, of course, you can still use it to make a garden.

The Zen garden in the house also makes the house more conducive and comfortable. many people make zen gardens in their homes.

  1. Choosing Plants

Not all houses in Japan have good lighting. Therefore, you can make a zen garden in your house.

The tip is that you have to choose the type of plant that suits the lighting conditions. For example, dry plants that you can buy are types of Japanese grass, cacti, succulents, aloe vera, ferns, anthurium and others.

This type of dry plant doesn’t need much sun, so you can put it indoors. make sure you have to buy the appropriate type of plant.

  1. Select the Best Planting Media

Even though zen garden is a type of dry garden, you also have to choose the best growing media. Because your plants must keep growing well.

Buy high quality planting media, so that all your plants can live perfectly.

  1. Crop the shape of the plant

Increasingly, many plants will grow that are not formed. The key is you have to regularly and painstakingly take care of the zen garden in your home. trim any untidy parts using crop scissors.

4 Valuable Tips For Creating Beautiful Garden

Having an empty space at home can be used to create a beautiful garden. Having a garden in your own house makes the view beautiful and the atmosphere of the house cooler.

The empty space at home can be made into a garden and filled with ornamental plants or vegetables. Before you start making garden space in your home, pay attention to the following tips so you can build a beautiful garden.

Tips For Building A Garden With A Narrow Land

Usually the garden will be in the front yard of the house or behind the house. You can adjust the empty space available in your house.

If you have an empty space in front of the house, then you can plant flowers or other ornamental plants so that the view of your house becomes more beautiful. Conversely, if you have land behind your house, you can collect lots of ornamental plants and grow vegetables.

Here are tips to start building a beautiful garden in your home:

  • Select the Plant Type

Before you make a beautiful garden, make sure you have chosen the type of plant that suits your land. for example, your land behind the house is less sunny, so you can buy plants that need less sunlight.

Likewise, if your garden is in front of the house, buy plants that require a lot of sunlight in order to thrive. You can also use the walls around the house to make vertical gardening.

Find out the various types of plants that are suitable for planting in your home. If you are a beginner, read more on the internet or plant tabloids to learn about the many types of plants.

  • Prepare a Budget

If you have determined what types of plants are suitable for planting in your home, then you have to make a list of what budgets will be needed.

For example, your garden requires installation of water taps, polybags, fertilizer, flower pots and plant seeds. Prepare a budget carefully so that when you build a garden, you don’t waste money.

The importance of making a budget list what you need to buy is to help you make the garden beautiful and not over budget.

  • Give a target and run according to the timing

If all the plans to build the park are mature, it’s time for you to make a time schedule. The goal is that you set a target and how long the park is finished.

From this time schedule, you can make all the gardening procedures to the finishing. Make sure you have to go through everything according to the schedule that you have made.

  • Don’t be impulsive and rushed

As a beginner, you shouldn’t be impulsive in buying plants. You must still buy plants according to the land you have. If you impose your will, then plants may not be suitable for life in your garden.

Besides that, you also don’t need to rush to create a beautiful garden. Just do it regularly and according to the schedule that you have created.

Creating The Cool Ambiance With Gardens

Home is the place to come home for everyone. After a tired day of working at the office, it feels like you want to live quietly and peacefully at home. one of them is by creating a comfortable and cool atmosphere in the house.

A house that has a cool atmosphere will make anyone who lives in it feel at home. Especially if the house has plants that can make the air clean. Of course this will affect our health.

Building A Cool Atmosphere In The House

There are various ways to build a cool and cool atmosphere in the house, one of which is by making a garden. Currently the park is not only in the front yard or back of the house, but there is also an indoor garden.

The garden in this house can make the room cooler. But the key to a cool home is the presence of plants that spread in the garden either outside or inside the house.

Then how to create a comfortable and cool atmosphere for our homes? Here are tips you can do to build an atmosphere in the house:

  • Select the Plant Type

There are various types of plants that you can choose from. If you have a garden in your front yard, you can buy plants that have shady leaves. One example is a bonsai or spruce plant.

This tree will make your house cooler, because if this tree grows large it will absorb sunlight directly through your house. So that your house looks cooler.

  • Vertical Garden

One way to build a beautiful and cool atmosphere at home is to create a vertical garden. Vertical garden is a plant that is attached to the wall of your house.

You can buy a special vertical garden pot and stick it on the wall of your house. You can stick it in the part that is often exposed to the sun. But you can also adjust it to other types of plants.

The function of a vertical garden is to make your house look cooler, because the plants have absorbed sunlight.

But what you have to pay attention to create a vertical garden is that you must be diligent in cleaning the walls of your house. Because if not, the walls of the house can become moldy and dirty.

To fix this, before you make a vertical garden, cover it with plastic first, the wall that you will use to attach the pot. The goal is that when you water the plants, the water will not hit the walls of the house and cause mold.

  • Indoor garden

If you have free space in the room, you can use it to build a garden. You can choose plants like Monstera or others.

Choose types of plants that can live indoors and can help circulate air in the house. plants in the house can indeed make mosquitoes come, so you have to clean them often.

Those are 3 tips to make the ambiance in your home. Good luck.

6 Inspiration to Make Perfect Garden Sheds

Having a beautiful garden is certainly everyone’s dream. But what often becomes a problem is about using the remaining space in your home. If you have a house that is not large, then take advantage of the backyard to create a garden as well as a warehouse.

Making garden sheds, of course, must have the perfect strategy. Because you can use garden sheds to store various items that are rarely used such as lawn mowers, pot and fertilizer supplies and other items.

Mystargarden will help you to make the perfect garden sheds for your home. surely you still have a beautiful and comfortable garden in view.

Garden Sheds Ideas

There are various kinds of ideas for making garden sheds that can make the garden view of your home look more beautiful. You can even make garden sheds in a small house.

There are many ways to make garden sheds by utilizing the available yard, without having to change the position of the garden. The following are ideas for making garden sheds that you can do yourself at home:

  1. Open Concept For Garden Sheds

One of the most admired garden sheds concepts is the open concept. This room will look open and similar to a special agricultural room.

You can display all your gardening items and be neatly arranged. This open area can be a point for guests to see the beauty of your home.

You can take advantage of these garden sheds for barbecue or entertaining guests. Apart from being used as storage, garden sheds with an open concept can also be a place to gather with friends or family.

  1. Storage Sheds

This storage shed can contain all gardening supplies from small to large ones. You can make this building from wood or walls.

But it will take more space if you make it from bricks. Therefore, to create a rustic feel, you can make garden sheds from wood layers.

Besides making the atmosphere warmer, this concept is also a very beautiful garden concept. You can save gardening supplies from theft. Don’t forget to cover it with plastic tools that have an electric current to prevent a fire.

  1. Small Garden Sheds

If you have a fairly narrow area, you can make the concept of smaller garden sheds. Especially if you only have a few gardening equipment, then this concept is perfect to make.

The main function of garden sheds is to store and protect all your gardening supplies. Mystargarden recommends mini garden sheds to store small tools and take up less space.

  1. Rustic Log Cabin

The rustic concept has certainly inspired many people to make garden sheds. Because the rustic concept is not only beautiful, but it can also keep all of our things neatly stored.

Taking advantage of the narrow land to build garden sheds is certainly an achievement in itself. Besides all your gardening items being safe, your garden will look more perfect.

So you don’t need to look for gardening equipment in many places, just search in one place. This method also makes your equipment more durable.

  1. Garden Workspace

The garden workspace concept is currently in great demand. Almost similar to the Open Space garden sheds, this room can be used multi-functionally.

You can store all your gardening equipment here, while at the same time you can take advantage of the remaining space for work. This garden workspace will make your mind calmer because it is in the garden.

You can while relaxing your mind and working. Many people like this garden workspace concept because we can calmly work in the wild.

If you have unused space in your garden, build garden sheds with this concept. don’t forget to add electricity to make it more perfect.

  1. Waterfront Garden Sheds

If you have a large enough backyard, you can build garden sheds with this concept. You can build a fish pond or an artificial waterfall right in front of the garden sheds.

This concept is very pretty because you need to cross the water to reach the garden sheds. Mystargarden show This view will make your garden look more beautiful and natural.

Add rocks to add a beautiful natural impression. Make sure the waterfall is always lit every day.

Ready To Gardening? Prepare These Things

Gardening has become a hobby for some people. Especially when you are still in a pandemic situation, gardening is one way to fill your spare time on holidays. Apart from that gardening can also help our mental health.

For some people, gardening is easy and fun. But not all feel that way, especially beginners. Because gardening is one way to improve mental health, it helps us to start learning a little about gardening.

Simple Gardening Style

Many young people have a hobby of gardening. After working in the office for weekdays, it’s time for us to do gardening to fill the weekend. Gardening does not have to have a large area.

We just have to have a garden or an empty space at home and use it as a garden. Gardening also doesn’t have to be with ornamental plants, but we can also grow vegetables so that we can consume it ourselves for the family.

Here are ways to make gardening more fun and you can enjoy doing it:

  1. Select Favorite Plants

If you are a beginner to gardening, then you may not have a favorite plant. You can start reading information about types of plants that are easy to grow.

You can choose a plant with a hassle-free treatment method. Choose types of plants that are beautiful and can grow in your home area. Make sure all the plants in your home garden regularly get water.

Choose plants that have lots of flowers, if you want your home garden to have a beautiful view. But you can also choose plants that can produce, such as vegetables or fruits.

  1. Planting Fruits and Vegetables

To grow fruit and vegetables, you don’t need to have a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland. Many young people use the narrow land for vegetable and fruit gardening.

Because you can grow make and vegetables in pots, so it doesn’t take up much space. Planting fruits and vegetables can also be consumed by yourself for your family. Save more and you no longer need to buy fruit at the market.

You can plant fruits such as oranges, tomatoes, strawberries and grapes. This type of plant is a plant that can still live even though it is planted in a pot. You only need to move it to a place exposed to the sun.

Besides that, you can also grow vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, broccoli and others. This type of plant is very easy to care for and does not require a lot of land.

Organic vegetables can also make your body healthier. So try to grow fruit and vegetables in your home garden.

  1. Buy Garden Tools

If you are a beginner, then you need tools for gardening. You can buy tools such as hoes, garden hats, gloves and more. by buying garden tools, will help increase your enthusiasm for gardening.

Choose the garden tools you need. You can ask the shop owner what tools are needed for a beginner.

  1. Prepare the planting media

If you have chosen the appropriate type of plant and you want it, it’s time for you to prepare the planting media to grow these seeds. The planting media used were soil, fertilizer and compost.

The importance of choosing the best planting medium is so that plants can grow well and you can harvest regularly.

  1. Prepare clothes for gardening and sunblock

Gardening will certainly be hot because of the sun. For those of you who are afraid of heat, you must use sunblock to protect your skin from burning. You can also choose clothes that are comfortable to wear and absorb sweat.