How to Use Symbolism of Buddhas in Gardens

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Buddhas has many symbols that we often encounter. Each symbol even has its own value and meaning. The symbol in Buddha is a symbol taught by the Buddha to his people.

These symbols represent the nature of the Buddha himself. not infrequently we even find Buddhas symbols in the garden. why is this symbol in the garden?

Buddha taught many things about the earth, including the contents in it, namely animals and plants. For more details, see the following review

Using Buddhas Symbols In The Garden

There are several Buddhas symbols that we can learn. The following are Buddhas symbols that we often encounter in gardens, because of the Buddha’s teaching that we must love everything that is created on this earth.

  1. Bodhi tree

The Bodhi tree is a symbol of Buddha that we often encounter in gardens. Trees are defined as a depiction of nature. For hundreds of years now, trees are a refuge for humans and animals.

The Bodhi Tree is the shelter of the Buddha, so this Bodhi Tree is considered the tree of Life.

We are taught to continue to preserve nature, namely to keep the world’s trees functioning. Because if there were no trees, humans and animals would not be able to live. Buddha teaches humans to appreciate life forms through a tree.

This is why many people put up Buddhas symbols in gardens because of their deep meaning and value. The Buddha loved nature very much. Therefore, as humans, we should preserve.

The symbol of the Bodhi tree in the garden will make your home garden cooler and more beautiful. The atmosphere of the house will also become a comfortable home to live in.

  1. Swastika

The swastika is one of the Buddhas symbols that we often encounter in gardens. This ancient symbol has meanings that symbolize life, sun, luck, power and strength.

This Buddhas symbol symbolizes how human life on this earth goes. Humans need the sun for life. And how humans face their power and strength on earth.

  1. The lotus flower

If you want to add a Buddhas symbol to your garden, plant a lotus tree. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity and noble birth. They represent the Buddha.

There are several types of lotus flowers that you can choose to plant in your yard. White lotus or known as Pundarika which has a beautiful meaning. The White Lotus symbolizes the Bodhi nature. This lotus has 8 petals which symbolize the path to glory.

The red lotus or Kamala is also a Buddha symbol. This lotus symbolizes the natural nature of human feelings. these qualities include love, passion and heart. Put the red lotus in your garden, its meaning is very valuable for human life.

Blue lotus or Utpala. This lotus symbolizes human wisdom and knowledge. That’s a type of lotus flower which is a Buddhas symbol that you can plant in your yard. The lotus flower symbol are symbolizes Buddhism in interpreting human life while living on earth.