Inspiration to Make a Japanese-Style Garden

One of the inspirations in making a beautiful garden comes from Japan. Japan is a country that has a high culture. Likewise with the construction of parks that represent their very good culture.

In Japan, making a garden makes a panoramic view of the outdoors into the house area. this is what inspires many people out there to create a Japanese-style garden.

The basic principle of Japanese society to build a garden is a garden is a miniature of nature. So it is closely related to meditation and reflection. No wonder if you are in a Japanese-style garden, you will feel at home and comfortable.

The Main Elements Of A Garden In Japan

There are several important things that must be considered before you build a Japanese-style garden. For Japanese people, a very important meaning. Because the park is a representation of the natural surroundings.

  1. Plant Element

Plants are the most important element in making a Japanese-style garden. Although in Japan there are several types of gardens that we can inspire.

Plants are an important element and not just trees. However, plants in this Japanese garden can be seen from moss, ground cover, bushes to trees. Japanese gardens are also identical with bonsai trees and twig trees.

  1. Water Element

Water is an important symbol of life for Japanese culture. Water in a Japanese garden can be used as a fish pond. This pool symbolizes the lake in its true nature.

  1. Stone elements

In the world of stone is an important element, including in making a Japanese-style garden. Stone is symbolized as a framework or structure on the face of the earth.

The stones used to make this Japanese-style garden vary in size. There are large and small, there are different shapes and textures.

After knowing what are the important elements in making a Japanese-style garden. You can start looking for inspiration from Japanese garden styles that we can make inspiration for. One Japanese garden style that has become a lot of inspiration is the Zen Garden or dry garden.

Make A Japanese Zen Garden

To make a dry garden, you don’t have to have a large area. Even a narrow house can still have this Zen garden. then what are the tips for making a Zen garden at your home? consider the following:

  1. Lighting

To create a Zen garden, you really need to adjust the lighting. Zen gardens use a lot of oil lamps to save electricity. You can hang a lantern on the wall to build a warm atmosphere in the garden.

  1. Take advantage of the remaining space

In Japan not everyone has a house with a large area. Likewise, if we want to make a Zen garden, we don’t need a large area. Take advantage of the remaining space either outside or inside the house.

If you have an empty space outside the house, use it to make a zen garden with various types of suitable plants. But if you have empty space in the house, of course, you can still use it to make a garden.

The Zen garden in the house also makes the house more conducive and comfortable. many people make zen gardens in their homes.

  1. Choosing Plants

Not all houses in Japan have good lighting. Therefore, you can make a zen garden in your house.

The tip is that you have to choose the type of plant that suits the lighting conditions. For example, dry plants that you can buy are types of Japanese grass, cacti, succulents, aloe vera, ferns, anthurium and others.

This type of dry plant doesn’t need much sun, so you can put it indoors. make sure you have to buy the appropriate type of plant.

  1. Select the Best Planting Media

Even though zen garden is a type of dry garden, you also have to choose the best growing media. Because your plants must keep growing well.

Buy high quality planting media, so that all your plants can live perfectly.

  1. Crop the shape of the plant

Increasingly, many plants will grow that are not formed. The key is you have to regularly and painstakingly take care of the zen garden in your home. trim any untidy parts using crop scissors.

4 Valuable Tips For Creating Beautiful Garden

Having an empty space at home can be used to create a beautiful garden. Having a garden in your own house makes the view beautiful and the atmosphere of the house cooler.

The empty space at home can be made into a garden and filled with ornamental plants or vegetables. Before you start making garden space in your home, pay attention to the following tips so you can build a beautiful garden.

Tips For Building A Garden With A Narrow Land

Usually the garden will be in the front yard of the house or behind the house. You can adjust the empty space available in your house.

If you have an empty space in front of the house, then you can plant flowers or other ornamental plants so that the view of your house becomes more beautiful. Conversely, if you have land behind your house, you can collect lots of ornamental plants and grow vegetables.

Here are tips to start building a beautiful garden in your home:

  • Select the Plant Type

Before you make a beautiful garden, make sure you have chosen the type of plant that suits your land. for example, your land behind the house is less sunny, so you can buy plants that need less sunlight.

Likewise, if your garden is in front of the house, buy plants that require a lot of sunlight in order to thrive. You can also use the walls around the house to make vertical gardening.

Find out the various types of plants that are suitable for planting in your home. If you are a beginner, read more on the internet or plant tabloids to learn about the many types of plants.

  • Prepare a Budget

If you have determined what types of plants are suitable for planting in your home, then you have to make a list of what budgets will be needed.

For example, your garden requires installation of water taps, polybags, fertilizer, flower pots and plant seeds. Prepare a budget carefully so that when you build a garden, you don’t waste money.

The importance of making a budget list what you need to buy is to help you make the garden beautiful and not over budget.

  • Give a target and run according to the timing

If all the plans to build the park are mature, it’s time for you to make a time schedule. The goal is that you set a target and how long the park is finished.

From this time schedule, you can make all the gardening procedures to the finishing. Make sure you have to go through everything according to the schedule that you have made.

  • Don’t be impulsive and rushed

As a beginner, you shouldn’t be impulsive in buying plants. You must still buy plants according to the land you have. If you impose your will, then plants may not be suitable for life in your garden.

Besides that, you also don’t need to rush to create a beautiful garden. Just do it regularly and according to the schedule that you have created.