Creating The Cool Ambiance With Gardens

Home is the place to come home for everyone. After a tired day of working at the office, it feels like you want to live quietly and peacefully at home. one of them is by creating a comfortable and cool atmosphere in the house.

A house that has a cool atmosphere will make anyone who lives in it feel at home. Especially if the house has plants that can make the air clean. Of course this will affect our health.

Building A Cool Atmosphere In The House

There are various ways to build a cool and cool atmosphere in the house, one of which is by making a garden. Currently the park is not only in the front yard or back of the house, but there is also an indoor garden.

The garden in this house can make the room cooler. But the key to a cool home is the presence of plants that spread in the garden either outside or inside the house.

Then how to create a comfortable and cool atmosphere for our homes? Here are tips you can do to build an atmosphere in the house:

  • Select the Plant Type

There are various types of plants that you can choose from. If you have a garden in your front yard, you can buy plants that have shady leaves. One example is a bonsai or spruce plant.

This tree will make your house cooler, because if this tree grows large it will absorb sunlight directly through your house. So that your house looks cooler.

  • Vertical Garden

One way to build a beautiful and cool atmosphere at home is to create a vertical garden. Vertical garden is a plant that is attached to the wall of your house.

You can buy a special vertical garden pot and stick it on the wall of your house. You can stick it in the part that is often exposed to the sun. But you can also adjust it to other types of plants.

The function of a vertical garden is to make your house look cooler, because the plants have absorbed sunlight.

But what you have to pay attention to create a vertical garden is that you must be diligent in cleaning the walls of your house. Because if not, the walls of the house can become moldy and dirty.

To fix this, before you make a vertical garden, cover it with plastic first, the wall that you will use to attach the pot. The goal is that when you water the plants, the water will not hit the walls of the house and cause mold.

  • Indoor garden

If you have free space in the room, you can use it to build a garden. You can choose plants like Monstera or others.

Choose types of plants that can live indoors and can help circulate air in the house. plants in the house can indeed make mosquitoes come, so you have to clean them often.

Those are 3 tips to make the ambiance in your home. Good luck.